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NavAlgo officially becomes Pathway

We are happy to share today that the company you’ve known as NavAlgo will now operate under the name of its trademarked core product - Pathway™. Since launching the company two years ago, our brand has evolved but our mission hasn’t changed. As we learn and grow, we have chosen a name - our core product name - that feels better, fits us better, and will help us communicate our vision to the world in a clearer way.

The NavAlgo name

We chose the company name NavAlgo as a play on words and visuals. It contained a number of notions: navigation, algorithm, AI… Our team felt that this was a fun name that encompassed many aspects of our product at the time.

However, as we expanded and reached a wider audience, thanks to a stellar execution of our product roadmap, we began to see the limitations of the NavAlgo name. Depending on their main language, people would perceive the name differently: Nav-Algo, Nav-AI-go, Naval-go… We sensed that this brought inconsistency to our brand image. Ultimately, it did not present the unified, clear, and powerful vision that we were bringing to the world.

Why Pathway?

Two years after launching the company, putting together a team of A-players, and conducting extensive R&D, our developer tool “Pathway™” was born. Pathway is our “Database that thinks™” and is central to our company’s DNA. Now, we bring the name “Pathway” to the center stage.

As we begin to go to market with our product, we believe that the name Pathway will help us better roll out our Database that thinks™. Here are a couple of reasons behind the name “Pathway™” which are close to our hearts, and made it the only possible choice for us really:

  1. Let’s start with the basics, the dictionary definition of pathway - a way of achieving a specified result; a course of action. At the end of the day we’re all about delivering value and results to our clients.
  2. A literary allusion to paths (ways, tracts). Our logistics data is based on paths, our SQL query mechanism has an extension for path-type data.
  3. A slightly more figurative version, making an allusion to life-journeys of assets, which somehow fits in with event stream data (e.g. any mobility patterns, user journeys...).
  4. As an incremental engine for data structuring: taking a computational approach to the brain, some of the absolutely key features of neuronal communication in the cortex, especially the visual cortex, are the following: support for feedback loops in the architecture.
  • layers in the architecture which extract more and more structure from unstructured data as we go deeper.
  • pathways carry state-change signals for the corresponding neuronal dynamics - and so are essentially working with * some obscure form of differentiated signals.

*Fun fact: if you look closely at our new logo, you will see synapses in it 😉.

Going Forward

We have decided to set forth the company using our core product name. We believe this will help us better align with our missions and objectives, and help our users have a better understanding of the brand.

As a young and rapidly growing company, we are constantly taking steps forward and learning from our choices. Thanks to those who have been supporting us so far, we are very excited to continue the journey with you, now under Pathway.

Something Ends, Something Begins. Cheers!

Zuzanna Stamirowska


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