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For your mission-critical RAG and ETL with Live Data
Build blazing fast Python pipelines connected to 300+ data sources.
Serve robust AI-friendly data indexes, real-time features, and alerts.
Answer queries to unstructured data with 99% accuracy.
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Streamlined development and deploymentBuilt in Rust with for Python developers, Pathway streamlines the entire ML/AI project lifecycle from prototype to production. It supports local, notebook, and scaled container deployments.
Fast, and Always In-SyncConnect live data sources like SharePoint, Google Drive, S3 and Delta Tables, cloud folders, Kafka, databases, and 300+ APIs such as Salesforce and Hubspot. Pathway's high-speed Rust engine delivers real-time updates, and is scalable to hundreds of CPU cores, with cost-efficient incremental computing, persistence, and caching.
Robust and SecureDeploy your Pathway applications from Python files or git folders using Docker or Kubernetes, on-premises or in any cloud. Simplify your setup by avoiding multiple databases and compute engines linked by clunky APIs. Gain full control of the pathway that your data follows.
Chef's Choice, or à la carte? Have it your own way.Choose from ready-to-use Pathway code templates suitable for various industries and data types, or customize them with functions from the Pathway library, connectors, and integrations. Safely interact with LLMs and external asynchronous APIs.
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Pathway for Enterprise brings you
What you get with our Enterprise Edition
  • Horizontal Scalability
  • Machine Learning Toolboxes
  • Support with SLA
  • Secure by design
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