Transdev transports 11 million people worldwide every day, operates in 19 countries, employs 75,000 employees and has a 2023 revenue of €9.3 billion. It operates multiple transportation systems: Bus, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), coach, shared-ride shuttle, train, metro, tramway and tram-train, ambulance, transport for people with reduced mobility, transport on demand, autonomous vehicle, bike-sharing, funicular, cable car, maritime and river transport.

As more and more data is being generated in real-time by Transdev's systems and operations, there is a growing need to be able to use this real-time data by combining it with historical data, via advanced data processing including algorithms, artificial intelligence, LLMs, etc.

Faced with challenges related to some of their Passenger Information and Operation Support Systems, it chose Pathway to leverage its real-time data smoothly. Pathway enables Transdev to share reliable and accurate passenger information with their users, informing about bus deviations and ETAs.

Why they chose Pathway:

  • Easy Synchronization with Transdev real-time data sources
  • Precise interpretation of available data, avoiding erroneous information or hallucinations
  • A solution that can be easily industrialized and put into production, and replicated over networks.
  • Accurate ETAs
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