Live data pipelines for AI applications.

Rapidly deliver LLM projects in production, enterprise-grade, secure, at a fraction of the cost.
Simplify your AI pipeline by consolidating capabilities into one platform. No need to integrate and maintain separate modules for your Gen AI app

What this simplification means for your GenAI projects

  • Short time to market (4-6 weeks)
  • Lower costs
  • Adaptability
  • Full power of the Pathway Framework for your data applications
  • Live data - The AI solution uses the freshest data to give its answers, staying always up-to-date with multiple enterprise data sources across documents, tables, data streams, and knowledge graphs.
  • Security - Designed for the enterprise with capabilities like Personally Identifiable Information (PII) detection, content moderation, permissions, and version control. Run this in your private cloud with local LLMs.
  • Scalability - Handles heavy data loads and usage without degradation in performance. Metrics help track usage and scalability.
  • Monitoring - Provide visibility into model behavior via monitoring, tracing errors, anomaly detection, and replay for debugging. Helps with response quality. Cost monitoring of GPT / OpenAI tokens use, A/B testing of models, session replay.
Financial Services

Effortlessly extract and organize unstructured data from PDFs, docs, and more into SQL tables - in real-time. Answer questions such as:
"What is the net income for Q1 for all companies?"

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PDF to SQL table

Real-time data syncing & Easy alert setup.
"Alert me when the date of a campaign is postponed"

  • Ask your application to alert you about key business events that you care about.
  • Syncs both structured and unstructured data from diverse sources.
  • Enabling real-time Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).
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Alerting showcase
Discount finder

Retrieve insights from ever-changing data in real-time.

"Can you give me discounts for Adidas men's shoes?"

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Learn more about it on Streamlit blog

Discount tracker showcase
Analyze and summarize a PDF

Ask questions using a knowledge base that is frequently updated, for instance in Dropbox or OneDrive.
"How does the AI Act impact my job as a Developer Advocate?"

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EU Ai Act showcase

Immediate productionisation possible


  • Samples of documents to be used as sources for answering questions
  • Sample Questions to be answered by the AI application
  • Use case specification
  • User journey mockups, or screenshots
  • Project owner on client’s side
  • API/integration and provide feedback / input for design decisions


  • 4-6 weeks from filled-in prerequisites to production-grade GenAI use case