ETL for Unstructured Data

  • Powerful data Transformation for all your ML use cases.
  • Get instant insights from streams of unstructured data on-the-fly.
  • Connect live sources with documents, e-mails, social media and messages, audio and video transcripts, geospatial data, and more.

Only Pathway handles streaming data joins and contextual data analysis at scale.

Reference architectureDeployment architecture of Pathway

All other Unstructured ETL tools out there provide connectors. Pathway provides data sync, data transformation, and data indexing, at scale. Plus, the same connectors, or better.

Enterprise Architect @ Financial Document Processing scale-up

See it in action

AI document preparation on-the-fly

Convert unstructured financial documents into SQL tables. Pathway's Unstructured Xtension Pack allows you to choose the best suited connectors for your document use case. Use unstructured-io connectors directly, extract JSON from scans and images with Vision-Language Models, or create custom Python OCR.

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Intelligent news stream sentiment analysis

See how Pathway can be used to process a real-time stream of social network data with NLP to intelligently improve geolocation, and perform predictive sentiment analysis on text. Thanks to Pathway, you can spot and act on trends in real-time, before they burst into mainstream.

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What you need

Pathway deploys with Kubernetes, running on your cloud of choice or on premises. Pathway can be used to transform data streams as they enter your warehouse, data in unstructured storage (files, documents, blobs), and semi-structured JSON's.

Pathway's high performance Rust engine performs data transformation and indexing in memory, which means all meta data and indexing information stays in memory while binary data (blobs) can stay in cold storage. You can size your container size between 1GB and 12TB+ of RAM on a single machine, going up to petabytes across multiple machines. You will need to provide the Pathway container with a cold storage location (S3-compatible) where it can persist its state, resuming from a checkpoint in case of machine failure or whenever you need to upgrade your pipeline logic.

Power your unstructured data pipelines with Pathway

  • Data source synchronization with live updates
  • Enterprise data connectors: Sharepoint, S3, Kafka, API’s, database sync
  • Application templates to answer user questions based on live data sources
  • Combining multiple data sources
  • Alerting when answers to queries change
  • Machine unlearning of deleted data
  • Explainable AI pipelines
  • Event stream processing with advanced data transformations
  • Rapid Containerized Deployment
Backed by Enterprise Security & Authentication
  • Host on your cloud or on-premise
  • Secure by Design
  • Granular Access Management
  • Compliance-Ready