Data analytics engineer salaryAccording to Glassdoor, the American salary aggregator and benchmarki…Read more Data ApplicationA data application (also referred as data app) is a software program …Read more Data ArchitectureDescribes how the data is collected, stored, arranged and integrated.Data meshTechnique to build decentralized data architecture by leveraging spec…Read more Data processing frameworkReady-made solution to run operations on data (sorting, joining, runn…Read more Data ProcessingAction of manipulating the data in order to get actionable data. It i…Read more Data ProductTool that processes and consolidates raw data coming from different …Read more Data StreamingProcess of continuous collection and transmission of data at a high s…Read more Data tablesAny display of information in tabular form. A classical relational ta…Read more Data transformationAims to transform raw data into structured data to perform analytics …Read more Dbt alternativesRead more Developer ToolProduct designed for developers to optimize their workflow. It allows…Read more Digital Signal ProcessingDigital Signal Processing is a subfield of signal processing that dea…Read more Distributed ComputingSystem allowing various computers to work together on a network. This…Read more Distributed Streaming SystemSystem that can process multiple data streams simultaneously. This al…Read more DownsamplingDownsampling is a common technique in the field of signal processing.…Read more
Reactive data processingAt Pathway, all machine learning outcomes are updated as the models a…Read more Reactive ProgrammingProgramming paradigm that handles realtime updates by propagating the…Read more Real-time analytics databaseOrganized collection of data stored, and constantly updated with data…Read more Real-time analyticsReal-time analytics enable users to interpret data as it arrives. It …Read more Real Time Anomaly detectionTraining models with high volume of data allows the identification of…Read more Real-time consistencyReal-time consistency refers to the ability of a system to provide im…Read more Real-time data analytics toolsRead more Real-time data processingData streaming processes data as it's generated, enabling real-time i…Read more Real time feature storeFeature Stores ingest raw incoming data, apply user-defined transform…Read more Real Time fraud detectionCommon use-case for many sectors like banking, or insurance for which…Read more Real Time Graph DataA graph is a structure consisting of a finite set of vertices (also c…Read more Real-time intelligenceCapability to access business intelligence based on live dataReal time IoT dataData gathered through devices that log in measurements live.Real time Machine LearningProcess of running machine learning programs on live data. It allows …Read more Real Time recommender systemCustomized information filtering system which provides live suggestio…Read more Real time / Streaming unsupervised learningMethod that allows clustering data from a dataset live, as new data i…Read more RealTimeIn data treatment, realtime means processing the info at the very mom…Read more RecursionProcess of defining a problem in terms of itself. It has the benefit …Read more ReducerFunction used to combine different items together. For example, we ca…Read more ResamplingResampling is the process of changing the sampling rate or the number…Read more RustProgramming language for data engineering, allowing faster results wi…Read more