Pathway IO module

Typical use:"./incoming_stream/", value_columns=["name", "age"], mode="streaming")`

class',', quote='"', escape=None, enable_double_quote_escapes=True, enable_quoting=True, comment_character=None)

Class representing settings for the CSV parser.

class*args, **kwargs), on_change, on_end=<function >)

Calls a callback function on_change on every change happening in table.

  • Parameters
    • table – the table to subscribe.
    • on_change (OnChangeCallback) – the callback function to be called on every change in the table. The function is required to accept three parameters: the row changed, the time of the change in microseconds and the flag stating if the change had been an addition of the row. These parameters of the callback are expected to have names row, time and is_addition respectively.
    • on_end (Callable[[], Any]) – the callback function to be called when the stream of changes ends. It will be called on each engine worker separately.
  • Returns