package, poll_new_objects=False, debug_data=None)

Reads a table from a text file or a directory of text files. Resulting table will consist of a single column data, have the number of rows equal to the number of lines in the file. Each cell will contain a single line from the file.

In case the folder is specified, and there are several files placed in the folder, their order is determined according to to their modification times: the smaller the modification time is, the earlier the file will be passed to the engine.

  • Parameters
    • path (str) – Path to a file or to a folder.
    • poll_new_objects (bool) – If set to true, the engine will wait for the new input files in the folder.
    • debug_data – Static data replacing original one when debug mode is active.
  • Returns
    The table read.
  • Return type


>>> import pathway as pw>>> t ="raw_dataset/lines.txt")