, host, auth, index_name)

sourceWrite a table to a given index in ElasticSearch.

  • Parameters
    • table (Table) – the table to output.
    • host (str) – the host and port, on which Elasticsearch server works.
    • auth (ElasticSearchAuth) – credentials for Elasticsearch authorization.
    • index_name (str) – name of the index, which gets the docs.
  • Returns


Consider there is an instance of Elasticsearch, running locally on a port 9200. There we have an index “animals”, containing an information about pets and their owners.

For the sake of simplicity we will also consider that the cluster has a simple username-password authentication having both username and password equal to “admin”.

Now suppose we want to send a Pathway table pets to this local instance of Elasticsearch.

import pathway as pw
pets = pw.debug.table_from_markdown('''
age | owner | pet
10  | Alice | dog
9   | Bob   | cat
8   | Alice | cat

It can be done as follows:
    host="http://localhost:9200","admin", "admin"),

All the updates of table “pets” will be indexed to “animals” as well.