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​​In our previous solution, we were thinking about containers. Today we think of routes, platforms. The object being manipulated is much more powerful.

Jean-Paul Fabre
Head of the Innovation Lab, La Poste

We wanted to conduct transportation analysis to find opportunities for improvement, optimization, and be able to identify anomalies.

Jean-Paul Fabre
Head of the Innovation Lab, La Poste

The Business case

La Poste wanted to move towards intelligent logistics by turning IoT data from postal containers into actionable business insights. Their goals were to:

  • Improve geolocation of heavy transport
  • Provide data-driven decision support for transport management
  • Predict operations in an automated way in real time
  • Future-proof the system’s architecture

How did Pathway™ help?

La Poste fed raw IoT data into Pathway™. Thanks to the automatic analysis of sensor performance, La Poste was able to inform its purchasing strategy.  The total cost of ownership was reduced because of the minimized hardware spend.

Pathway™ also provided them with a dynamic mapping of the transport process in an ever-changing context.

They were then able to advance to a mindset where the business can focus on routes, locations, and processes to be enhanced, rather than the per asset view delivered by the data source.

Other success stories

DB Schenker

Freight forwarder

DB Schenker reduced the time-to-market of their analytics project from 3 months to 1 hour, for a fraction of the cost, and got the possibility to offer new analytics & predictive functionalities to shippers.


3 months to 1 hour

reduced the time-to-market of their analytics project

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