December 29, 2023PATHWAY

RAG - Streaming Application
Pathway Legal Assistant

Demo with the sample question: “What are the limitations of liability in clients contracts?”


  1. Sync all your client documents from Sharepoint or Google Drive
  2. Respect the access rights to the documents
  3. Ask your question
  4. Read the answer
    • Get the extract reference in the contract
    • Download the PDF if needed


  • Engine powering enterprise AI pipelines
  • Data source synchronisation with live updates
  • Enterprise data connectors: Sharepoint, S3, Kafka, API’s, database sync
  • Application templates to answer user questions based on live data sources
  • Combining multiple data sources
  • Alerting when answers to queries change
  • Machine unlearning of deleted files
  • Explainable AI pipelines
  • Event stream processing with advanced data transformations
  • Rapid Deployment for 24/7 operations

Pathway Team

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