Enabling real-time intelligence in Logistics
Thanks to Pathway, we reduced our fleet CAPEX by 16%
Fleet manager, La Poste(Postal Services)
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Pathway is a very clever, very dynamic company, focusing on algorithmics to prepare for better and smoother logistics and supply chains. Their talent and their knowledge are outstanding. We are very proud to launch a close collaboration.
Markus Sontheimer CIO/CDO & Member of the Board of Management, DB Schenker(3PL)
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Pathway improved significantly the precision of container gate-out ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival). The optimization of individual terminal operations contributed to a speed-up in handling times of containers and reduced business and environmental costs.
Smart Port Project Manager, CMA CGM(Container shipping)
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OperationsGet value in under 24 hours: Gather your data, get immediately a coherent data model you can work with, and access insights on the fly

Tailor-Made for Your Needs with Real-Time Insights on Evolving Networks:

  • Get a granular view of your geofences that gets updated in real-time. Automatically detect depots, even with small datasets. Say goodbye to manual mapping while retaining data enrichment flexibility.
  • Identify key milestones and take action when necessary. Answer questions in seconds: “How much time does it take to go through different border crossings in South-East Asia?”, "Are my subcontractors following the paid toll routes?"
  • Precisely track your assets' routes, evaluate usage, and catch deviations causing delays and damage. Unearth your network's operational secrets, laying the foundation for optimization.

Cost Efficiency at Its Best:

  • Spot delay-prone locations, understand your subcontractor costs optimization, and adapt your procurement process accordingly.
  • Maximize Asset Utilization: Analyze asset usage trends and identify underutilized resources to optimize your capital expenditure. ​Check our whitepaper here

Control Tower Statistics: Leverage real-time statistics.

  • Visibility and Advanced ETAs: Customize your estimated time of arrival (ETA). Pathway adapts to dynamic transport conditions.
  • IoT-Driven Insights
  • Shocks and Vibrations: Automatically assess risks on different routes, adapt decisions, and safeguard your cargo.
    • Temperature Monitoring: Ensure the freshness of temperature-sensitive goods (pharmaceuticals, perishable goods, etc.) with real-time monitoring and anomaly detection.
    • Route Anomalies: Detect unexpected route changes that affect cargo susceptibility to damage and contractual clauses with your end-clients.​
  • Benchmarking: Benchmark operators, subcontractors, and environmental performance effortlessly. Monitor key metrics and costs, providing actionable insights. Optimize fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions with data-driven route and operation analysis. Find routes with the highest benefit from operational and behavior changes.
IoT Deployment Experts

Effortlessly Optimize Your IoT Device Deployment:

Already deployed IoT devices? Automatically identify malfunctioning and badly-configured sensors to avoid operational disruptions and detect anomalies that would have been difficult to detect by simple data exploration, saving you time and resources.

Answer critical questions in a few seconds:

  • Does the stream of IoT data I receive correspond to the SLAs from our telemetry vendors?
  • How can I easily detect redundant data points from vendors effortlessly.
  • How can I improve my device management and device lifecycle?
  • Can I identify any new revenue streams based on the data I am collecting?

Maximize IoT Procurement Strategy:

Assess the performance of various sensors based on real-world data, anticipated scenarios and expected business outcomes. Make informed decisions based on sensor performance, deployment costs, and maintenance costs.

Questions to Ponder:

  • “I’ve talked to Telemetry Vendor Manul, the devices have some very cool features but is it an overshoot?”
  • “I have been introduced to devices that automatically turn on and off based on their location, would this be reliable for my processes?”

Empower your IoT endeavors with Pathway and make informed choices today. Read more about IoT Data Analytics: Processing real-world data in Real-Time

Risk, Insurance & Security

Proactively Minimize Risks:

Identify potential cargo damage with precision, including temperature fluctuations, shocks, vibrations, and route deviations, and where it happened easily.

Review suspicious patterns:

Detect suspicious stops and facilitate your internal investigations into incidents doing real-time anomaly detection.


Push an alert when the accumulated risks of the process indicate that a breach of SLA is likely to happen. Renegotiate contract proactively based on observed patterns.

Digital & Data Teams

Real-time Data Processing:

  • React instantly to new data with Pathway's real-time processing capabilities, ensuring your cargo's safety and on-time arrival.
  • Ensure business-critical metrics, such as Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) remain accurate even when data points arrive out-of-order. Read CMA CGM client success story, Pahway partners with CMA CGM to improved significantly the precision of container gate-out ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival).
  • Pathway excels in real-time logistics applications, unlike other streaming frameworks ill-equipped for geospatial data and graphs. Open-source geospatial libraries, designed primarily for batch processing, struggle in dynamic settings, making Pathway the superior choice for real-time use cases.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Usability:

  • Pathway stands out by allowing you to combine historical (batch) and real-time (streaming) data effortlessly. This unique capability ensures your operational teams always have access to the latest insights, ultimately boosting your bottom line.
  • No Specialized Skills Required: Pathway minimizes the need for advanced specialist skills. It's designed for users familiar with the Python/Pandas/scikit data stack, making it accessible and user-friendly. Possibility to integrate end-to-end with an interactive visualization application.

A solution that can be industrialized and put into production easily on your infrastructure:

  • Freedom to create and manage your own data pipelines as you see fit, avoiding vendor lock-in or having to work on an external platform.
  • Data processing code is written in Python, and Pathway compiles it into a Rust dataflow to allow for easy parallel and distributed execution, and speed.