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Pathway awarded at VivaTech by the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne

Pathway is proud to announce that Zuzanna Stamirowska, CEO at Pathway was awarded at Viva Technology, Europe’s biggest tech event, held in Paris, France.

Elisabeth Borne, the French Prime Minister awarded Zuzanna Stamirowska for her performance on stage and the achievements of Pathway as the most powerful data processing framework to power real-time data products and pipelines. This happened a few weeks after the CIO of Goldman Sachs declared that “going from batch to real-time (processing) was like going from printed newspapers to the Internet."

Pathway was brought to life by a stellar team: the CTO Jan Chorowski worked with the Godfathers of AI, Geoff Hinton, and Yoshua Bengio, the CPO Adrian Kosowski had his Ph.D. at 20 and is a world-class expert in high-scale distributed computing, and Zuzanna Stamirowska is the author of the state of the art model for forecasting of maritime trade. Pathway is supported by business angels such as Lukasz Kaiser, known to be behind the “T” in GPT.

“Very soon real-time will become the norm for data processing and it’s a game changer for everybody starting from financial services, Formula 1, supply chains, online marketing, retail, energy… the list goes on.” declared Zuzanna Stamirowska during her pitch in front of the Viva Tech assembly.

Watch Pathway Winning Pitch

Zuzanna Stamirowska


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