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Pathway named as a promising Generative AI leader (in French)

The generative AI market was worth almost $40 billion in 2022 and should approach $70 billion by the end of this year, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. And this is just the beginning, as the market is expected to reach $1,300 billion by 2032 (Source: Bloomberg: Generative AI to Become a $1.3 Trillion Market by 2032, Research Finds.)

Resonance Venture, a French Venture Capital, released a mapping of the main GenAI players in France, including established French companies such as Hugging Face.

Pathway is the single, integrated processing layer for real-time intelligence. It allows easy mix-and-match of batch, streaming, and LLM architectures - all within one engine.

Real-time learning is made possible by an effective and scalable engine, which powers LLMs and machine learning models. These models are automatically updated thanks to a framework that combines streaming and batch data, and which is user-friendly and flexible for developers, data engineers, and data scientists. Leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence make up the team, which is headed by Zuzanna Stamirowska. They include CTO Jan Chorowski, co-authors of Geoff Hinton and Yoshua Bengio, as well as Business Angel Lukasz Kaiser, who co-authored Tensor Flow and is also known as the "T" in ChatGPT.

Zuzanna Stamirowska, CEO & Co-Founder of Pathway, comments: “Our mission has been to enable real-time data processing, while giving developers a simple experience regardless of whether they work with batch, streaming, or LLM systems. Pathway is truly facilitating the convergence of historical and real-time data for the first time.”

A list of companies in the ecosystem where Pathway has a place in data preparation

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