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Pathway is the fastest data processing engine supporting unified workflows for batch, streaming data, and LLM applications.

Product Description

Pathway is the single, fastest integrated data processing layer for real-time intelligence.

  • Mix-and-match: batch, streaming, API calls including LLM’s.
  • Effortless transition from batch to real-time - just like setting a flag in your Spark code.
  • Powered by an extremely efficient and scalable Rust engine, reducing costs of any computations.
  • Enabling use cases enterprises were craving, making advanced data transformations lightning-fast and easy to implement.

Company overview

Pathway develops real-time intelligence technology. Real-time learning is made possible by an effective and scalable engine, which powers LLMs and machine learning models. These models are automatically updated thanks to a framework that combines streaming and batch data, and which is user-friendly and flexible for developers, data engineers and data scientists. Leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence make up the team, which is headed by Zuzanna Stamirowska. They include CTO Jan Chorowski, co-authors of Geoff Hinton and Yoshua Bengio, as well as Business Angel Lukasz Kaiser, who co-authored Tensor Flow and is also known as the "T" in ChatGPT.

Color Palette

Blue - #1C1CF0
Red - #DC280B
Oxford - #232A34

Pathway members

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Zuzanna Stamirowska (CEO) - Vertical
Claire Nouet (COO) - Vertical
Jan Chorowski (CTO)- Vertical
Adrian Kosowski (CPO) Vertical

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Zuzanna Stamirowska (CEO) - Horizontal
Zuzanna (CEO) and Claire (COO) - Horizontal
Adrian Kosowski (CPO) Horizontal

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