Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing is a subfield of signal processingSignal ProcessingSignal processing is the practice of analyzing, manipulating, and transforming si... Read more that deals specifically with digital signals. While analog signal processingAnalog Signal ProcessingAnalog Signal Processing is a subfield of signal processing that deals specifical... Read more treats signals as continuous waveforms, digital signal processing models signals as discrete chunks of information sampled at regular intervals.

Digital signal processing is generally applied to various kinds of modern technology, from audio and image processing to telecommunications and data analysis.

Digital Signal Processing with Real-World Data

Traditional digital signal processing systems are highly concentrated and coordinated and operate under the common assumption that the sampling rates are perfect and consistent. In many real-world data processing applications, this idealized scenario is unrealistic because of messy and/or out-of-order data. This requires a different approach to bridge the gap between ideal sampling and real-world data streams.

Digital Signal Processing Resources

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