Feature comparison

Pathway is a scalable framework for stream data processing, in-memory data store, and analytics engine which does all the heavy lifting for you.
Pathway for Enterprise is specially tailored towards end-to-end data processing and real time intelligent analytics. Pathway can be used to build microservices with REST API's and to power SQL Business Intelligence dashboards.
Pathway supports table-like data, time series, IoT messages, event streams, things-in-motion, graphs, and ontologies.

PathwayPathway for Enterprise

Programming API

Python programming API
SQL programming API
Incremental table operations: join, filter, group-by, reduce
Write your own incremental data transformers
Support for incremental Map-Reduce with “apply”
Support for pointer-based data structures: trees, graphs, event streams
Support for compositional code logic
Support for advanced join types, windows, and ranges (more coming soon)
Call external libraries & API's when using Pathway

Stream data processing

True streaming data processing engine
Use the same code logic for real-time streaming and for backfilling
Parallel processing support
Distributed processing on more than one machine

User interaction and debugging

Unified execution engine with two runtime modes: streaming and debug
Debug mode working in Jupyter notebooks
Data table introspection & debugging in streaming mode (coming soon)
Support for human-in-the-loop reactive work setup

Data storage and versioning

Data persistency within Pathway: use Pathway as a database
Queryable historical data snapshots
Adaptive support for hot & cold storage
Support for data schema & code schema versioning (coming soon)

Machine Learning Toolkit (pathway.ml.*)

A library of Pathway data transformation routines, including Machine Learning and algorithms covering multiple types of use and data types.
Classification library (already there, and growing)
Unsupervised learning & clustering library (already there, and growing)
Smart table operations: fuzzy join, fuzzy group by
Graph library (already there, and growing)
Time-series library (coming soon)
Geospatial data library & trajectory mining

Connectors & Automations (pathway.io.*)

Allow Pathway to read raw data from data sources upstream, and push BI-ready insights downstream to frontend and to other systems.
Kafka input & output connectors (also Kafka-compatible: Redpanda,... )
CSV directory input & output connectors (use with Amazon S3,...)
Debezium input connector (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB,...)
PostgreSQL output connector
REST API for fetching data and computation on demand (coming soon)
Use Pathway as a SQL data source: PostgreSQL-compatible SELECT query support
Connectors for custom messaging formats (MQTT/IoT,...)

Pathway Visual Explorer

A powerful frontend dashboarding tool, used for creating control towers and webs of knowledge, with an end-user experience focused around data exploration.
Visualizing outcomes of queries to Pathway
Exploring interconnected data views, covering tables, charts and maps
Accessible to both non-technical and low-code SQL users
Visual no-code dashboard creator
Support for advanced geospatial visualization: paths, routes, transport processes

Support & Deployment

Custom deployment templates and support from our Team.
Self-hosted setup: run Pathway in your own private cloud
Pathway #DeveloperAssist program ()
Hosted solutions
Pathway Helm Chart models
Kubernetes deployment guides
Support with custom deployment
Solutioning for industry use cases


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