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Why Embark on an insightful journey into stream processing with our upcoming edition of LiveDataPro on 30th Nov, 10 am CDT. This session is designed to shed light on the complex yet fascinating world of real-time data processing.

Highlights 🚀 Integrating Streaming with Traditional Systems: How do streaming systems complement OLTP and OLAP?
⏲ Timing is Everything: Tackling stream ordering, time windows, and late data.
🔄 Consistency Counts: Why it's vital and what's now possible in stream processing.

Meet the Speakers

  • Hubert Dulay: A vanguard in stream data processing, author of "Streaming Data Mesh" 2023 along with “Steaming Databases” 2024, and an acclaimed engineer with over 20 years of experience.
  • Ralph Matthias Debusmann: Lead Enterprise Kafka Engineer at Migros, former CTO at Forecasty AI, and architect at SAP. Co-author of “Streaming Databases” 2024.
  • Adrian Kosowski: Co-founder and CPO of Pathway, earned his PhD at 20 and authored over 100 research publications. His contributions include co-founding, a platform that impacted millions of programmers.

Ready to Streamline Your Knowledge? Join us for this insightful journey into the challenges and triumphs of stream processing. RSVP now by clicking “Attend” via the event link to secure your spot in this must-attend webinar!


Adrian KosowskiCPO of Pathway
Ralph M. DebusmannLead Enterprise Kafka Engineer at Migros Zurich
Hubert DulayOReilly Author 'Streaming Data Mesh' 2023 & 'Streaming Databases'