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DevCon 2023

A premium conference in Bucharest dedicated to IT professionals and tech enthusiasts.

TalkPowering ChatGPT with your own data.
You will learn how to build your AI app and how language models such as those provided by OpenAI and Pathway Python libraries can query real-time data intelligently without vector databases. This method opens up the potential to build solid systems for retrieving information, recommending content, or even making chatbots that answer user questions based on ever-changing streaming data. Team

Bobur UmurzokovDeveloper Advocate

After event activity Join us after the event for an engaging chat with Bobur on the latest in data processing tools and the cutting-edge LLM stack. Plus, enjoy two complimentary drinks with us!

Bucharest, RomaniaStrada George Constantinescu 4B, București 020339, Romania
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