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AIDevWorld 2023

AIDevWorld is the world’s largest artificial intelligence dev event

TalkBuild a LLM App for real-time data.
This talk dives into the challenges of developing LLM Apps, like cost, latency, and security, and introduces effective solutions. Discover how to construct an AI-powered real-time data pipeline sidestepping complex and fragmented typical LLM stacks such as vector databases, frameworks, or caches. We'll use an open-source Python LLM App library to facilitate real-time in-memory data indexing, pulling directly from compatible storage and directing to output streams. Team

Bobur UmurzokovDeveloper Advocate

After event activity Join us after the event for an engaging chat with Bobur on the latest in data processing tools and the cutting-edge LLM stack. Plus, enjoy two complimentary drinks with us!

Santa Clara, CA, US5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara CA 95054, United States
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