May 15, 2023NEWS

Pathway is Featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for Event Stream Processing

Gartner recently published its 2023 Market Guide for Event Stream Processing to guide Data and Analytics leaders on when to use Event Stream Processing (ESP) platforms instead of alternative tools for real-time processing of streaming data.

Pathway is featured as a Unified platform thanks to its "high-performance, Rust-based engine, end-user dashboard builder and in-memory database with streaming ML capabilities" as described by Gartner.

Gartner’s analysts in the report explain how Unified platforms integrate all or a portion of functionalities of an ESP (Event Stream Processing) platform, with a DBMS (Database Management System)or in-memory data grid, and a programmable application engine.

For the analysts, these unified platforms are a recent type of infrastructure software designed to facilitate operational or analytical business applications that handle both real-time streaming data (data in motion) and stored historical data (data at rest).

Similar to ESP platforms, unified platforms can perform custom business logic and analytical tasks like ML (Machine Learning) inferences and rule execution. However, unified platforms like Pathway provide extra features not present in ESP platforms, including support for synchronous interactions with request/reply mechanisms and the capacity to handle long-term reference and state data.

In terms of applications, unified real-time platforms are used in "low-latency applications such as real-time customer engagement, telecommunications network monitoring and management (including AIOps), transportation operations management, supply chain management, financial fraud management, and capital markets trading."

For vertical-streaming-enabled solutions, Gartner redirects readers of the Market Guide to specific research, including one Market Guide on the topic of Supply Chain visibility Market Guide for Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain, where Pathway is also featured.

Read the full Gartner Market Guide on Event Stream Processing and feel free to reach out so that we can share our perspective on this exciting Market Guide.


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