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Guest speaker at Maddyness Keynote

Zuzanna took part in a panel at Maddy Keynote 2023 on the topic of data and environmental impact along with Celine Regnault, Digital & Data Director, General Public at ENGIE and Lea Zaslavsky, Co-founder at MakeSense.

Some of our key takeaways from the conversation:

  1. Theory vs. reality: Knowing your actual physical processes is the first step towards improving your environmental impact.
  2. Less is more: start by using the data you already have - you’ll be surprised.
  3. Reuse, optimize: Our clients use Pathway in a number of ways that directly impact their bottom line and their environmental footprint at the same time: knowing one’s actual asset utilization and optimizing it instead of buying new containers for instance, is an easy and actionable step with a clear impact!

Watch the recording of the panel:

Zuzanna Stamirowska


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