August 1, 2022BLOG · VIDEO · PODCAST

Guest speaker for IoT For All Podcast

In the latest episode of the IoT For All Podcast, we talked about challenges of today's supply chains, and explain how to launch an IoT investment for supply chain. The goal is to get insights and draw value across the organization - in real-time.

Along the discussion, we explain how to achieve ROI on IoT investment for supply chain logistics by avoiding focusing on tracking individual shipments. Use the data to understand the live process, react to disruptions, and gain supply chain resilience!

Thank you Ryan Chacon for the great discussion!


(01:29) Introduction to Zuzanna and Pathway

(07:18) Overview of Pathway

(09:00) Problems in supply chain logistics

(11:54) Impact of IoT

(15:18) Handling costs with customers

(18:01) How challenges have evolved

(21:33) Advice for choosing the right technology

Zuzanna Stamirowska


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