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Discussing the value of real-time analytics

I was recently invited to Ryan Chacon’s podcast, IoT for All. Together, we discussed what real-time data processing can bring to clients, for use cases ranging from anomaly detection, asset utilization optimization, and ETAs, to vertical-specific benefits, especially for some sensitive goods e.g. in pharma.

“In supply chains, it’s hard to make sure that everything is up to date and to put real-time and historical data together. Another issue is the ability to make decisions and interpret the data, assuming you may need to change your interpretation with the new data points that arrive in real-time.”

Key Questions and Topics from this Episode:
(00:00) Welcome to the #AskIoT video series
(00:44) Introduction to Pathway
(01:52) How are analytics being used in the supply chain?
(03:41) Leading challenges in the supply chain
(05:29) How technology influences role of humans in supply chain
(10:34) What is the importance of real time analytics in the supply chain?
(14:00) Future of analytics and the supply chain
(16:42) Learn more and follow up

Watch the podcast recording on Youtube here:

Zuzanna Stamirowska


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