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BNP Paribas Talk: AI and Real-time data processing in the banking industry, Vivatech 2024

Pathway is a scalable Python framework designed to build real-time intelligent applications, data pipelines, and integrate AI/ML models.

Claire Nouet, Pathway COO, highlighted the importance of working with data that is "always fresh" ensuring that AI and ML models are always up-to-date and perform accurately and effectively.

The Value of Real-Time Data

One key theme discussed was the significance of real-time data across Enterprise use cases. For financial transactions at BNP Paribas, you want to detect fraud in a matter of milliseconds at most. For LLM and RAG applications, when asking questions to a chatbot for instance, "you want the latest known value, not one from yesterday or a week ago".

Real-World Applications and Clients

Pathway's client list includes major players like La Poste or Transdev. Today, more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies have real-time data sources, a testament to the growing demand for real-time data indexing and processing.

BNP Paribas

Multinational universal bank and financial services holding company

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