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Pathway™ builds upon 67 years of accumulated research and deep respect for the industry practitioners. It is created by people who worked in the best AI labs in the world, ex-Googlers, world's top competitive programmers, experts in Machine Learning applied to logistics. Together, we bring automation and scalability which make AI more accessible, thus driving the costs down.

Meet the people behind the product

Zuzanna Stamirowska


Zuzanna is the author of state-of-the-art model for forecasting of maritime trade published by the American Academy of Sciences (single-author, pre-PhD). While working on this project she saw the mismatch between the business needs, the reality of the data in logistics and the current ML and AI methods - this was the spark to launch Pathway. During her career, she was responsible for sales of SaaS technology underlying She holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Public Policy from Sciences Po, Ecole Polytechnique, and ENSAE, as well as a PhD in Complexity Science.

Claire Nouet


Claire is a one-woman orchestra who brings to Pathway structure, speed, and a financial backbone. She studied Management at HEC Paris, McGill University, and Sciences Po. Originally from Le Havre, Claire has always been immersed in logistics and supply chains. This allowed her to acquire practical knowledge and a strong network in the industry, which were leveraged at every stage of product development.

Jan Chorowski


Jan is a reference figure in AI and NLP who worked at Microsoft Research, Google Brain and the MILA AI Institute. He co-authored papers with Yoshua Bengio and Geoff Hinton, two of the three Godfathers of AI. Jan is highly recognized for his research in machine learning with over 8000 citations on Google Scholar. He has a deep love for good engineering, holds PhD in neural networks, and has a background in Electrical Engineering.

Adrian Kosowski

Chief of Product

Adrian obtained his PhD in Computer Science at the age of 20. He has 15+ years of experience in research. Adrian co-authored over 100 research publications, including articles in the world's best conferences & journals in different disciplines (Theoretical CS, Physics, Biology). He worked on transportation optimization, route planning, and logistics projects in collaboration with industrial partners. As co-founder of, the first platform and community for online training of programming, Adrian had a chance to impact the lives of milions of programmers around the globe. He is also a distinguished competitive programmer and coach. As Head of Business Development at, he acquired the first major contracts.

Bartek Dudek

Head of Quality

Bartek is a bronze medallist from the "Olympic Games of programming" (ACM ICPC World Finals) and published numerous research papers in Theoretical Computer Science at the world's best conferences. His expertise in data structures and randomized dynamics was key to cracking of some of the biggest efficiency challenges in Pathway™. Bartek previously worked at Google on the search engine optimization.

Our Advisors

Roger Crook

Roger Crook

Business Angel

Former Global CEO for DHL Global Forwarding and Freight, and Management Board Member of Deutsche Post.

Łukasz Kaiser

Łukasz Kaiser

Business Angel, Open AI

Deep learning researcher at OpenAI. Previously part of the Google Brain team. Works on the fundamental
aspects of deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Co-invented Transformers and other neural sequence models.

Co-authored the TensorFlow system and the Tensor2Tensor and Trax libraries.

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