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Remote or Hybrid (offices: Paris, Palaiseau, Wroclaw)

Type of contract

Permanent employment contract


€60k-€100K base annual salary + ESOP

Preferable joining date

Late 2022

Customer success stories

About Pathway

Deeptech start-up, founded in March 2020.

  • Our developer product, Pathway™ is an Intelligent Event-stream Database – a game changer for enterprise clients, designed to automatically extract value from events data.
  • Pathway™ provides application developers with a capacity for real-time incremental in-memory transformation of complex event streams. It is built to master scenarios involving real-world data (e.g. IoT), online data (e.g. user activity patterns), and relational data interconnections (building data ontologies).
  • Pathway™ comes complete with a Python-based programming framework and a rich library of composable application templates, process mining and machine learning algorithms, reducing time to market at least 10x.
  • Our first clients include some of the leaders of the logistics industry, such as DB Schenker or La Poste.

Pathway is a growing start-up, part of the tech ecosystem: incubated at Agoranov and Ecole Polytechnique, member of French Tech Paris Saclay, supported by the French Public Investment Bank and Réseau Entreprendre, accelerated by Wilco.

Named as one of the 2021 Hottest Startups to invest in by the magazine Challenges.

VC-funded, winner of the BPI I-Lab award for deeptech startups, also supported by amazing BAs from both the AI and logistics spaces.

The Team

Pathway is built by and for overachievers. Its co-founders and employees have worked in the best AI labs in the world (Microsoft Research, Google Brain, ETH Zurich), worked at Google, and graduated from top universities (Polytechnique, ENSAE, Sciences Po, HEC Paris, PhD obtained at the age of 20, etc…). Pathway’s CTO is a co-author of Goeff Hinton and Yoshua Bengio. The team also includes the co-founders of (1M+ developer users) and (13.5M+ users).

The opportunity

We are searching for a person with a technical profile and experience in presenting a brand-new developer technology – ours is just entering private beta – in a way which would attract developers to use it. Typically, you would have a background as a Technical Content Marketer, DevRel, or a software creator with outstanding presentation or story-telling skills.

The developers using our product will mostly be in a corporate environment. Our development framework is one day expected to become for them a part of their preferred development stack for analytics projects at work – their daily bread & butter.

Starting from the very first days of “product packaging”, you will be helping Pathway to achieve key goals such as: driving adoption of our product as a useful tool, raising awareness of the company as a thought leader among developers, and decreasing time-to-deployment / time-to-value of the product.

You Will

You will be working closely with Company Executives (first and foremost with the Product Owner, CTO, and also CEO), as well as key developers. You will be expected to:

  • Prepare content marketing: streamline and adapt existing materials, and create/inspire stunning presentations, tutorials, and keynotes/demos.
  • Contribute to product discovery and understanding of the developer user persona. Provide input into the private beta strategy to accelerate product discovery.
  • Identify with the goals of our customer base, focusing first on personas in a corporate environment.
  • Collect feedback internally and with early adopters / private beta personas.
  • Make use of our founders, key employees, business angels, and connections network to drive an inspirational narrative for developers.
  • Help to organize the company website and DevRel channels in social media.

After about 6-9 months, depending on your motivation, seniority and success with the product, you may then be expected to either coordinate, or participate in, the execution of a complete DevRel strategy for scaling, in particular to:

  • define adoption metrics and sales increase KPI’s, plan and execute DevRel campaigns, evaluate outcomes,
  • organize and execute developer event and public speaking strategy, product roadshows,
  • define strategy on the interface with the open source community and scientific projects,
  • animate the developer community around the product, collect feedback, and interact with core product teams.

You Are

  • A developer at heart. With a good understanding of the ways, needs, and likes of the developer community.
  • A person with excellent communication skills, with the talent of explaining complex topics in a simple and accurate way.
  • On the cutting edge of social media technology.
  • Have familiarity with sales cycles and processes for enterprise software.
  • Have 3+ years of experience with Content Marketing / DevRel for developer products (or a similar offering, like an API integration or an SDK).
  • Comfortable using documentation set-ups made by developers, for developers (versioning through git, writing in markdown,…)
  • Have a working knowledge of Python
  • Quick to grasp programming languages
  • Experienced in working for an innovative tech company (SaaS, IT infrastructure or similar preferred), with a long-term vision.
  • Warmly disposed towards open-source and open-core software, but pragmatic about licensing.

Bonus Points

  • Know the ways of developers in a corporate environment.
  • Some familiarity with distributed computing and databases or data stores.
  • Experience with Content Marketing / DevRel for core developer products (such as: database systems, programming language compilers, machine learning toolkits and pipelines,…)
  • Experience in a startup environment.
  • Having successfully marketed products across at least 2 continents.
  • Comfortable with Markdown as the preferred tool of write-up: going from raw text to attention-capturing documents.
  • You managed to get a project up to 2k+ stars, quickly.

Why You Should Apply

  • Intellectually stimulating work environment. Be a pioneer: you get to work with a new type of AI.
  • Work in one of the hottest AI startups in France, with exciting career prospects
  • Responsibilities and ability to make significant contribution to the company’ success
  • Compensation: annual salary of €60K-€100K + Employee stock option plan (GENEROUS for an experienced profile) + performance-related bonus.
  • Inclusive workplace culture

Further details

Type of contract: Permanent employment contract
Preferable joining date: late 2022.
Compensation: annual salary of €60K-€100K + Employee stock option plan (GENEROUS for an experienced profile) + performance-related bonus.
Location: Remote work from home. Possibility to work or meet with other team members in one of our offices:

  • Paris Area – Drahi X-Novation Center, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau.
  • Paris – Agoranov (where Doctolib, Alan, and Criteo were born) near Saint-Placide Metro (75006).
  • Wroclaw – University area.

Candidates based anywhere in the EU, United States, and Canada will be considered.

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